Crit racing, a thing I don't doCrit racing, a thing I don't do

I’ve hit one of those all too familiar breaks in posting. This coincides with a decline in riding. Ah well, it happens. I have been on the bike but not in the same rabid cycle. Heck, I’ve missed training sessions in an already cut down schedule. This feels foreign to me after the last season. I haven’t been a particularly successful rider in common terms but I’ve been kicking my own goals for a few years straight; a step back from that is bizarre.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love cycling. Nothing gives me energy and joy like riding a bike. I love the sport, racing is fun to watch and  participate. I’ve just let getting up in the morning become too much of a chore and I no longer have a crowd of people to disappoint if I sleep in, so…I sleep in.

There are more things in life than cycling though and I haven’t let them in for a while. Certainly, for about 18 months I simply escalated my load and pushed at every opportunity I was given, no matter the absurdity. Nationals? Sure. A [failed] UCI race? Come at me. Belgium? Hell yeah! It’s been a blast and I wouldn’t change it. The last twelve months I’ve experienced probably more than any other handful of years in my life and I’m super grateful for that and the people I’ve had around me.

So, the short of it is that I’ve taken a bit of a backwards step to re-evaluate my work/life/cycling balance and find something a little saner. I’ve had some opportunities at work and I’m taking some of my spare time to learn new things I haven’t touched in years. Riding with the guys at Dome Coffees Cycling Team is also a great opportunity to refine this. They all love a good hard race, are great people but we’re not deluding ourselves into self destruction.



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