Hi all, my name is Patrick Saccani-Williams. By day I’m an IT pro, all other hours I’m either riding my bike, eating or sleeping. I ride for Dome Coffees Cycling Team.

Crit racing, a thing I don't do

Crit racing, a thing I don’t do

I’ve been cycling since September 2013 when I bought my first road bike. I’d only intended to ride to work and get fit doing so but I became rabidly addicted in the span of a month. I entered my first race in March 2014 and have never looked back. I live for the thrill of competition and the satisfaction of emptying the tank on an effort.

In mid 2015 I took up time trialling, it’s here that I’ve had the most success. I podiumed 12 time trials in 2016 including a second at the state time trial. I also finished 4th in category at the Gran Fondo World Championship time trial and 16th at the Australian National Championships.

During the 2017 season, I put more emphasis on riding with a team and had a blast. I learned something about tactics though there’s plenty of people that would disagree with that. I raced a stint in Belgium which gave me a whole different view of the world.

Luke Durbridge, Matt Hayman and Damien Howson are the riders I wish I could emulate. Incredibly resilient, dedicated and loyal.