What is the Cannondale Superslice?

Cannondale SupersliceThe real, live Superslice

As a lover of Cannondale bikes and an owner of a Slice RS TT bike, I’m intrigued. While perusing the list of UCI approved framesets recently I noticed that there’s an unknown Cannondale “Superslice” listed as time trial approved.

Cannondale Superslice

Cannondale Superslice on the UCI approved list

This means the design has been submitted and ratified for use at ┬áthe highest levels of the sport. I’ve been able to find only two images of a frame branded “Superslice”, on one site. It looks like a disc braked variant of the Slice RS, crossed with a Slice and put on a diet. Google translated from French:

Cannondale Superslice

The real, live Superslice

Screen captured from trimes.org

It seems likely this will be a replacement for the Slice RS in UCI events, pending full approval of disc brakes. Unless the Slice RS fork is compatible (it looks like that’s possible), this can only be offered as a disc brake bike for UCI use as the fork must also be approved.

You can find a listing for Superslice on the French Cannondale site, however this adds further mystery as it’s broken!

Cannondale SupersliceCannondale Superslice

To me, I’m assuming this is a soft launch gone slightly awry. I reckon it wasn’t supposed to be live on the website yet. You can’t click through to look at the details or compare. I’m sure this bike will be popular in the Tri community, apparently it’s debuted at Ironman worlds already.

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