Something a bit different…

Munda Biddi UltraBike packing rig

I’ve been mighty quiet on here and I hope to change that, as I do enjoy writing.

In the radio silence, so much has happened. Last year was my most travelled yet and since my last race report I’ve raced Grafton Inverell, a stint of kermesses in Belgium, VTV cup in Vietnam, Tour de Siak (Indonesia), Tour of Southland (NZ), Tour of Chiangrai in defense (Thailand), Tour of Selangor (Malaysia) and Nationals. Then COVID19 happened.

2020 has been enlightening and simultaneously disappointing. A year holding so much racing promise has become one predominantly spent in a never ending base phase. Nonetheless, lessons have been learned and fun has been had.

I’ve dusted off the MTB, dormant since 2018. I’m looking forward to the kind of trails I enjoy and some bike packing. A few weeks back I gave my first crack at camping off the MTB and it was very enjoyable. Solitude and self-reliance. This week I’ll be doing a toned down version of the Munda Biddi Ultra short course. Sunday I race the Peel Classic and Monday I’ll ride 130km to Collie, Tuesday 160km to Dwellingup and then finally 190km to return home via Mundaring in order to complete the event. This will be my strongest test of mountain bike endurance so far and hopefully the start of a learning experience – more to come.

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