Hi all, my name is Patrick Saccani-Williams. By day I’m an IT pro, all other hours I’m either riding my bike, eating or sleeping. I ride for Velofit Santic.

I’ve been cycling since September 2013 when I bought my first road bike. I’d only intended to ride to work and get fit doing so but I became rabidly addicted in the span of a month. I entered my first race in March

2018 Tour of Chiang Rai

Uppers and I at the Tour of Chiangrai

2014 and have never looked back. I live for the thrill of competition and the satisfaction of emptying the tank on an effort.

In mid 2015 I took up time trialling, it’s here that I’ve had the most success. I podiumed 12 time trials in 2016 including a second at the state time trial. I also finished 4th in category at the Gran Fondo World Championship time trial and 16th at the Australian National Championships.

During the 2017 season, I put more emphasis on riding with a team and had a blast. I learned something about tactics though there’s plenty of people that would disagree with that. I raced a stint in Belgium which gave me a whole different view of the world.

2018 started with a 6 month lull after Nationals, with the exception being a win in the state 80km TT.  In June I was contacted and asked if I’d like to do an NRS tour the following month; I was in my worst shape since moving to A grade but this spurred action so I whipped myself to get ready. The tour was great fun and a seminal experience culminating in a hectic criterium where I lost a good deal of fear.

At the end of the 2018 season I managed a long string of podiums, including a third at the state criterium championships and ultimately winning the GC for both the Tour of Margaret River and the Tour of Chiangrai.

Luke Durbridge, Matt Hayman and Damien Howson are the riders I wish I could emulate. Incredibly resilient, dedicated and loyal.